How to Fit

Please review our instructional video above before preparing your impression.

Step 1

Try the impression trays to see which one fits your mouth most effectively. The impression tray should not be tight fitting and should offer ample space between your teeth and the inside wall of the tray.

If none of the trays fit properly please contact us immediately on 1890876848.

Step 2

Open the two plastic pots. 01. Take out both coloured putties and 02. mix them together until they become one uniform colour unlike in 03. no marbling effect.

To prevent premature setting this step must be completed within 40 seconds.

Step 3

Roll the new mixture in to a sausage shape and line the impression tray. Push the material all around the tray as evenly as possible from the front to the back.

It is important that the putty comes to at least the top edge of the tray. Ensure there is no excess material extending out the back of the tray.

Step 4

Insert the tray all the way back into your mouth and make sure it is centred as much as possible; looking in a mirror will help. Now carefully press it up into the front of your teeth.

Leave a small gap between the tray wall and your teeth so your teeth are not touching the front. Using your other hand push the back of the tray into your back teeth (molars) so the tray is comfortably seated in the back as well.

Step 5

Once the tray is secure, and your upper lip sits outside the tray, massage your lip and cheek areas into the tray for 30 seconds.

This creates an accurate impression of your gum line as well as your teeth which is essential. Leaving your mouth open ensure the tray does not move and leave in position for a total of 3 minutes.

Step 6

Once time is up, place your fingers above the putty and gently ease the impression down using both fingers and both hands. It will feel quite firmly in place, but it will eventually pop out. Your impression should look like this.

Do not remove the impression from the tray.