Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find information on some of the most important areas for using our gumshields.

How does the process work?

  1. You make an order through our simple process on the site
  2. We receive your order and we send you out our dental impression kit
  3. You follow the simple instructions to take your impression, then once that is done pop it in the post
  4. Our dental team will receive your impression, examine it and then make your custom fit whitening tray(s) in our dental lab
  5. Once the dental team have completed your whitening tray(s), we will send it back to you in the post and you will receive it within 10 working days

Orthodontic Information

Please note that this home impression kit is unsuitable for those undergoing any form of fixed orthodontic work (fixed braces). You should consult with your orthodontist/dentist before proceeding with a custom fit whitening tray(s).
It’s important to also note that if you or a child has a loose tooth, delay taking the impression until the loose tooth is no longer present. Occasionally loose teeth/crown or bridge/veneer work can become dislodged when taking dental impressions. If you have any teeth/crown or bridge/veneer work that you are concerned about please consult with a dentist prior to using this.

What are the whitening trays made from?

Our whitening trays are made from a soft, flexible 1mm biocompatible polymer that is perfectly moulded to your teeth. It’s the exact same product that you would receive from your local dentist and has the same excellent fit

Do you sell whitening agent/bleach?

We do not – As stated in a European Council Directive which regulates the use of hydrogen peroxide – the chemical used in tooth whitening products
“If someone wants to have their teeth whitened they will have to have a clinical examination and first treatment by a dentist. The dentist must examine the patient to determine whether tooth whitening is a suitable treatment option and to ensure the absence of risk factors in the mouth. After that the patient will be able to continue the treatment by him or herself.
The new regulations ensure that qualified dentists are carrying out what is a dental procedure, that safe products are being used and that the treatment is restricted to those over 18.”
As we cannot determine whether or not a person has been through the procedure stated above we do not sell whitening agents/bleach.