Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find information on some of the most important areas for using our gumshields.

How does the process work?

  1. You make an order through our simple process on the site
  2. We receive your order and we send you out our dental impression kit
  3. You follow the simple instructions to take your impression, then once that is done pop it in the post
  4. Our dental team will receive your impression, examine it and then make your custom fit gumshield in our dental lab
  5. Once the dental team have completed your gumshield, we will send it back to you in the post and you will receive it within 10 working days

Why buy custom fit gumshields?

In order to understand why a custom fit gumshield is the best form of oral protection, we need to compare them against the other types gumshields on the market stock and boil & bite gumshields


  • Are preformed and come ready to wear
  • They are inexpensive and can generally be purchased in sports shops
  • Little can be done to adjust their fit, they are bulky, can make breathing and talking difficult, and they provide limited protection
  • Dentists do not recommend their use


  • Bought in sporting stores and are relatively inexpensive
  • Formed on the teeth with the use of finger, tongues and biting (hence the name)
  • Protection is decreased if bitten too hard while forming
  • Biting in to a single layer Boil & Bite does not offer total teeth coverage which also results in inadequate protection
  • Does not create a vacuum fit when formed so it is loose fitting and will fall out when a player speaks or opens his mouth (which usually means it ends up in a players pocket or sock!!)
  • Biting in to a one size fits all boil & bite can distort the guard and interfere with the tongue which results in restricted breathing


  • Are individually designed and made in a dental lab based on a persons individual impression
  • They offer the best protection against dental and oral injury
  • They offer a more secure and comfortable fit
  • They do not affect a players performance i.e. breathing and speech are unaffected when playing
  • The Irish Dental Association recommends wearing a custom fit gumshield to protect against dental injuries, mouth lacerations and fractures to the upper and lower jaws
  • The Irish Dental Association also states that wearing a custom fit gumshield reduces the chance of dental injury by at least 50%

Why buy an impact gumshield?

  • All our gumshields are individually engineered to fit your teeth & mouth and are finished off by hand
  • Which ensures a more secure and more comfortable fit
  • We only use the highest quality heat & pressure laminated material
  • We are significantly less expensive than ordering from a dentist
  • We offer a personalised choice of colours and designs along with your name, number and other images that you may want
  • We will not be beaten when it comes to protection, convenience and value
  • Last but not least we are a wholly owned Irish company

Which protection level should I choose?

Hi-Impact gumshields are preferred for sports that do use a hard stick or ball such as hockey, lacrosse, cricket or where the head is an intentional target such as Boxing, MMA, Martial Arts etc.

Mid-Impact gumshields are preferred for sports that do not use a hard stick or ball and where the head is not an intentional target such as rugby, Gaelic Football, basketball, Judo etc.

How long does a gumshield last?

This varies according to many factors, e.g. growth, usage etc. Normally a growing child would require a new mouthguard once a year. Although the teeth and bones may be growing, the gumshields are flexible, and can accommodate some movement. Older children and adults may not grow, but the gumshields will wear down with use and should be checked annually.

My child has missing or loose teeth?

No problem. Our technicians automatically check the impressions and models for teeth which are yet to erupt and block out the models, i.e. create extra space for the new teeth to erupt.

What about shop sold gumshields, aren't they as good?

Definitely not! The clear recommendation of the Irish Dental Association, the Irish Rugby Football Union and the GAA is that only custom fitting gumshields should be worn.

My child will have a fixed brace fitted soon?

We can make a gumshield now. But, when the brace is fitted, the gumshield would have to be discarded and a new orthodontic gumshield made.

Orthodontic Information?

Please note that this home impression kit is unsuitable for those undergoing any form of fixed orthodontic work (fixed braces). You should consult with your orthodontist/dentist before proceeding with a custom fit gumshield.

Its important to also note that if you or a child has a loose tooth, delay taking the impression until the loose tooth is no longer present. Occasionally loose teeth/crown or bridge/veneer work can become dislodged when taking dental impressions. If you have any teeth/crown or bridge/veneer work that you are concerned about please consult with a dentist prior to using this.